Guacamole $5.90

#65 Nachos $7.29
Cheese and jalapeños.

#66 Special Nachos $7.89
With beans, cheese, and topped with our "special" tomato sauce and jalapeños.

#67 Super Nachos $10.39
With beans, cheese, jalapeños, and guacamole (beef or chicken). 
Small 7.19

#68 Jacalitos $10.39
Our own creation of nachos with yellow and white cheeses, chicken, sour cream and guacamole.

#14  Chicken Quesadilla $9.29
Two grilled flour tortillas filled with chicken and melted cheese served with rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream.


#271 Queso Flameado (Flaming!) $8.19
Served with two home-made flour tortillas.

# 340 Fajita Nachos Grandes Grilled Beef or Chicken Fajita meat with Beans & Cheese served with Guacamole, Sour Cream & Jalapenos $12.19

#272 Chile Con Queso Dip $7.69
Bowl of chile con queso served with tostadas.
Small $5.69


Monday-Friday 11:00am-3:00p.m. 

#801 Two & One - 2 Enchiladas and Beef Puffy Tacos
#802 Two Plus - 2 Cheese Enchiladas and Chile Con Queso 

#803 Verdes - 2 Chicken Enchiladas in verdes sauce

#804 Mole - 2 Chicken Enchiladas in mole sauce

#805 Carne Guisada - Tender beef cooked in gravy

#806 Chicken Flautas - 2 chicken flautas with rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream

#807 Fajita Chalupa - with side of rice

#338 Enchilada and Beef Puffy Taco $8.39
With rice, beans, and tea.


(Iced tea not included with "TO GO" orders)



Monday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm

Frozen Margarita $2.99
Micheladas $4.95
Schooners $3.00

 Mug of Beer $2.00



#250 Caldo (Chicken Soup) $7.69
#251 Menudo $7.69
#252 Tortilla Soup $7.69


No half orders.

Guacamole $5.90
Sliced Avocado $ 5.59

Taco Salad $9.79
Beef or Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,Chile con queso and Sour Cream in a fried tortilla shell.
with Beef or Chicken Fajita add $1.79





All served with salad and french fries or rice and beans


Grilled Cheese $5.49
Melted cheese between two pieces of buttered toast

#55 Chicken $7.29
Shredded white chicken with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle on toasted bread.

#56 Hamburger $7.89
With mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle.
Add Cheese $0.69

#58 Grilled Cheese $ 5.49


#16 Puffy Tacos (3) Beef or Chicken


#18 Guacamole Puffy Tacos (2) $ 7.59
With cheese add .59

All above tacos can be served crispy or soft rolled upon request.


 #19 Chicken Flautas{3) $9.29
Served with guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.


 #20 Guisada Flour Tacos $2.99 each


 #41 Guacamole Chalupas (2) $6.29


#38 Special Chicken Chalupa (1) $5.99
with guacamole & rice


#35 Chile con Queso Tostadas (2)


#21 Gorditas (1) $6.59 (2) $8.79
Topped with beans, white cheese, beef or chicken, lettuce and tomato.


#24 Fajita Tacos $9.19
Beef or chicken
with Guacamole $9.89

#48 Bean & Cheese Taco (1) $1.89

#344 Potato and Egg Tacos (3) $ 4.49

#346 Chorizo Tacos (3) $ 4.69


(3 per order)

#26 Beef or Chicken $7.39
With chile.  (rice and beans not included)
#27 Special Enchiladas $ 6.99
With special sauce and french fries. Spicy!
#28 Enchiladas Verdes $9.89
Chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce, white cheese, sour cream, rice, and beans.
#29 Enchiladas de Pollo en Mole $9.99
Chicken enchiladas topped with mole sauce with cheese, rice, and beans.

Ask about Our Seafood Specials!

"Jacala Combination Dinner"

The Jacala Combination Dinner is only available (and highly recommended) for large groups, when everyone is enjoying the same meal. This includes One Cheese Enchilada, One Beef Puffy Taco, a small serving of Beef or Chicken Fajitas (or a combination thereof), Rice, Beans, One Chile con Queso, and Guacamole at the table.
Lunch $12.00 - Dinner $12.99 per plate

Mexican Classics

#1 Special Dinner $11.59
Two cheese enchiladas, rice and beans, chile con queso, one beef puffy taco, and guacamole salad.
#2 Chile Relleno Dinner $11.89
Poblano pepper stuffed with picadillo, topped with salsa ranchera, guacamole salad, rice, and beans. Spicy!
#3 Dinner Platter $10.99
One of our most popular plates! 3 cheese enchiladas, 2 beef puffy tacos, rice & beans
#4 Jacala Dinner $10.49
Your choice:
a) Three cheese enchiladas, one beef puffy taco, rice, and beans.
b) One cheese enchilada, one beef puffy taco, one chile con queso, rice, and beans.
#5 Regular Dinner $10.29
Three cheese enchiladas, one beef puffy taco, beans.
#6 Jacala Salad $8.19
A light meal with one beef puffy taco, one chile con queso, and a guacamole salad.
#7 Ladies' Special $9.79
Two cheese enchiladas, two beef puffy tacos.
#342 Fiesta Plate, two enchiladas,rice, and beans. $10.39
#9 Fajita Plate $12.59
Half pound beef or chicken fajitas, grilled onions, rice, beans, guacamole salad, pico de gallo, and three flour tortillas.
#10 Spicy Chicken Mole
(ask to taste our sauce) $11.29
Two large mixed pieces of chicken covered with our unique mole sauce, rice, and beans.

#11 Enchilada Plate $9.19
Two cheese enchilada, rice and beans


#12 Carne Guisada $10.49
Carne guisada, rice, beans, and three flour tortillas.
#317 Santa Fe Dinner $11.89
Three blue corn enchiladas made with Monterrey jack cheese and chicken, topped with our own authentic New Mexico chile sauce, and served with rice, beans, and guacamole. Spicy!
#342 Fiesta Plate $10.39
One guacamole chalupa, two cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans.


Monterey Chicken $10.99
Grilled chicken breast topped with fresh sliced avocado, melted Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo served with, rice and beans


Cilantro Lime Tilapia $10.99
Seared tilapia topped with cilantro-lime sauce, rice and beans, served with Texas toast 


Tamales Plate $9.29
Three pork tamales topped with chili served with rice and beans


Fish Tacos (3) $10.99
Corn tortillas filled with tender tilapia drizzled with chipotle sauce and served with beans


#44 Huevos Rancheros $5.59
Two eggs with sauce, potatoes, beans and flour tortillas



American Dinners


#62 Fried Chicken $8.89
2 pieces of hand battered and deep fried chicken


#63 Chicken Fried Steak $11.99
Served with cream gravy and Texas toast


# 901 Six Fried Jumbo Shrimp $16.79

All above served with salad & french fries or rice & beans.

CHILDREN'S MENU (Under 12 Only)

#50 Cheese Enchilada or Puffy Taco $4.99
With rice and beans.
#52 One Fried Chicken Leg $4.99
With French fries and rice.

Homemade Style Tamales



Tea & Soda $2.29


 Flan (Mexican Custard) $3.25

Tell us it's your birthday for a Birthday Flan!
Jacala's very own flan - Try it!



Ask about Our Seafood Specials!

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